Community Investors Club

Introducing the Community Investors Club (CIC) of Mount Vernon!

Consider joining the Community Investor Club (CIC) and be an integral part of all things that make Mount Vernon amazing. Including our 15 festivals and historic main street.

As a CIC member, you will receive:

  • Early bird information about events and projects
  • Exclusive invites to fun events such as CDG’s Annual Report party and Volunteer Appreciation event
  • Sneak peaks and behind the scenes bloopers
  • Tips about how you help spread the word about events and projects
  • Exclusive offerings from local businesses
  • Perks, giveaways and more!

Mount Vernon is an amazing community because of people like YOU! Join CIC today and have fun while making a difference and helping your community grow.

NOTE: The CIC is a member organization under the umbrella of the Community Development Group (CDG).

Join the CIC!