Anderson Natural Science Lecture

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Anderson Natural Science Lecture

Michael Tylinski, Visiting Chemistry Lecturer will present “From skateboarding on a tablet to brighter cellphone displays; recent advances from the world of glass.”

When Microsoft introduced its Surface tablet in 2012 to compete with the Apple iPad they made news by dropping the tablet from shoulder height, and by showing photos of an employee using the Surface as a skateboard. How did Microsoft make such a durable device? The key component was a new screen made of “Gorilla Glass” that was stronger and tougher than conventional glass.

This lecture will give an overview of recent research progress and applications of a wide range of glasses. Glass refers to amorphous solids that have random, aperiodic organization of atoms; in contrast to the repeating, periodic organization of atoms in crystalline solids. When we hear the word “glass” we think first of the silicon dioxide glass of windows. But glasses are made from many chemicals and the many different types of glasses are used in applications all around us.

In addition to developing stronger and tougher Gorilla Glass, there has also been work to improve silicon dioxide glasses for their use as fiber optics for telecommunications. Glasses made of metal are used in power transformers and have promise as better engineering materials. Glasses of organic molecules are used in pharmaceutics, plastics, and organic electronic devices (such as OLEDs).

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Apr 26 2017


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Cornell College Thomas Commons - Mount Vernon, Iowa
600 First Street SW


Kimberly Taylor
[email protected]