Humanities and Arts Interest Group (HAIG) Lecture

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Humanities and Arts Interest Group (HAIG) Lecture

Cornell College’s Humanities and Arts Interest Group is hosting a lecture. Jonathon Dreeze will present “An Update on the Russo-Ukrainian War.” This talk will examine the current military and political situation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which has been ongoing for nearly two years and has had a massive impact on European and world affairs.

Despite initial projections of Russian victory early on in the war, and the subsequent projections of a successful large-scale Ukrainian offensive in the summer of 2023, the fighting has seemingly evolved into a war of attrition with heavy casualties and minor territorial gains on both sides. This talk will discuss the different tactics and strategies used by the Russian and Ukrainian armies, as well as the impact foreign military aid has had on the conflict. It will also address the larger political impact of the war on the internal politics of both Russia and Ukraine, as well as on the larger international scene. This talk will conclude that despite the immense suffering this war has caused and the calls for a ceasefire or peace agreement, it is unlikely that the Russo-Ukrainian war will end any time soon and will continue well into 2024.


Nov 02 2023


11:10 am - 12:00 pm




Cornell College West Science Center - Mount Vernon, Iowa
600 First Street SW


Kimberly Nye
[email protected]