Mt Vernon Brick House Tour

View of Mount Vernon

Mt Vernon Brick House Tour

The Friends of Historic Preservation is holding a Mt Vernon Brick House Tour to raise awareness and funds for brick houses in the community.

Attendees should begin the tour at Caroline and Jim Kelly’s house (601 1st Ave SW) and park at the Mount Vernon Fire Station parking lot that is located behind their house off 2nd Ave SW.  A tent will be set up at this first stop where visitors can turn in their tickets and have their hands stamped for the rest of the tour.

The homes on the tour are in different state of repair.  Some are newly purchased and at the beginning stage of repair, and others are almost completely restored.

The house tours includes a brochure with each location’s history, and some tours will include newly uncovered historical artifacts.  Refreshments will also be served.

Houses the tour includes:

  1. 601 1st Ave SW (Kelly)
  2. 417 A Ave SE (Richardson)
  3. 224 1st St NW (Booth)
  4. 702 8th Ave N (Maurice)
  5. 514 1st St SE (Meyers)
  6. 323 3rd St NE (Wolfe)
  7. 311 1st Ave NW (Whan/Stanfield)


The money raised will go to the Friends of Mount Vernon Historical Preservation.

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Oct 13 2017


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm