CDG to hire watering help

Morning person needed to water plants on Main Street through the summer.

Request for Proposal

Project: Main Street Summer Plant Maintenance

Mount Vernon Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG)

Object:  To ensure that the flowering plants on Main Street Mount Vernon remain  healthy and attractive through continued summer watering.

Project Area:  Four City blocks of flowers in hanging baskets and several planters with larger plant material throughout Uptown Mount Vernon.


  1. A commitment to daily watering early in the morning (5-7 a.m.) – unless it rains – or as needed. Estimated time to water all plants is approximately two hours each day including weekends, May through September.
  2. Must provide any equipment needed for watering, including truck and equipment to reach very high (10-15 feet) hanging baskets. CDG has access to watering system, if needed, but successful candidate must have access to a truck or trailer.
  3. Water for project is provided by the City of Mount Vernon.
  4. Contracted work meant for a licensed and insured gardener, landscaper or maintenance person. Bid should include hourly wage on only those days in the summer when there is no rain.
  5. Serious and dependable only.


Bid submission

 Please submit bids (and verify receipt) by April 14 at 5 p.m. to:

Joe Jennison, Mount Vernon Lisbon Community Development Director

311 1st Street NW

Mount Vernon, IA  52314


[email protected]






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