Mount Vernon – Lisbon Area Offers Many Culinary Delights From the kimchi burger at the Palisades Cafe, to wood-fired pizza at the Lincoln Wine Bar, Mount Vernon/Lisbon offers exceptional dining choices.

Consider the Palisades Cafe. This uptown Mount Vernon restaurant offers daily specials scrawled on a wall-mounted chalkboard ever changing and spun from locally grown produce.

But there are 24 other food joints in these neighboring towns, counting Cornell College’s far from ordinary campus dining. Every restaurant in Mount Vernon and Lisbon is a different and complementary cog in the food wheel.

There is a little something for everyone’s taste buds.

Pick up a little quick and tasty treat at Dairy Queen, Hardee’s or Subway near the Hwy. 30 roundabout. 

But between the Palisades and the DQ are food joints as unique as DNA, where amiable cooks are inspired and the dishes divine.

Goodies, greetings and culinary surprises are hallmarks of Mount Vernon/Lisbon’s eateries. At the Palisades, the chef may be whipping up wild king salmon with duck-fat potatoes and red chile-grilled rapini. Chameleon’s Pub & Grub, owner Paul Jerabek has brought his Czech heritage to the menu, offering a Czech twist to some bar and grill standards and some of the tastiest local brews available. And Bill’s Tap in Lisbon offers chicken wings and ribeye steak sandwiches, and Saturday night serves a fine steak dinner with diner’s choice of T Bone, New York Strip, Ribeye, or for non-steak eaters, Iowa Chop or Chicken breast. Don’t forget Si Señor and its authentic Mexican salsas and recipes found no-where else in the surrounding area

Get an ice cream cone at Mount Vernon Confections

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At Fuel, the treats are served up with coffee brewed from independently roasted beans. The scones, oatmeal molasses cookies, carrot cake or sugar cookies are made from scratch, the recipes coming from friends or a yellowing Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. Don’t forget to try Main Street’s Pizza Palace, where generations of college students have refueled their brains with tomato sauce and pastas. Oh, and don’t overlook Whitey’s Bar and Grill on Highway 30 in Lisbon, where broasted chicken reigns supreme. But the 37-item appetizer menu is the real wind beneath the wings, with everything from fried calamari to gizzards to fried green beans. Drop down into this foodie haven sometime, and explore it cog-by-cog.

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