CDG to offer information Zoom meeting re Cold Turkey project

The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG) has announced an informational meeting via Zoom to discuss Mount Vernon’s upcoming nicotine cessation project, part of the larger statewide Cold Turkey contest created by the Reichardt Family Foundation and Above + Beyond Cancer.

The Zoom informational meeting will take place Monday, Dec. 14, at 2 p.m. If interested in participating contact Joe Jennison at [email protected] to receive a Zoom invite.

The Zoom call, led by Joe Jennison, Chair of the local Mount Vernon Cold Turkey committee, will be a panel discussion and include comments from Dacey Waldron, Certified Wellness Coach, MercyCare Business Health Solutions, and Tracy Carstensen, a Mount Vernon resident who plans to join the cessation project. All are welcome to take part in the Zoom call.

The Local Cold Turkey project committee has contracted with MercyCare Business Health Solutions to manage the two-month program beginning on Jan. 1, 2021,  that will monitor the progress of 20+ local “Fighters” who choose to sign up for the free two-month nicotine cessation clinic.

Fighters will have access to a weekly Zoom cessation class, three MercyCare administered nicotine tests throughout the process (one at the beginning, near the middle of the program and at the end), and a network of support services including a free two-month membership to the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center.

One small town in Iowa (under 5,000 in population) will be chosen the winner and will be given a $50,000 grant from Above+Beyond Cancer to be used for a community project. The Local Cold Turkey project committee has chosen to split the money into two local projects: 1) the completion of the Scarlett Boutique Alley Pocket Park, and 2) equipment needed to finish an exercise trail outside of the Community Wellness Center.

“We have put together a great volunteer team for this project,” said Joe Jennison, Chair of the Committee. “If there are residents who have been thinking about joining the Cold Turkey project, but have some specific questions, this informational meeting may be an opportunity to hear more about what it is and if it’s right for them.”

For more information or to sign up for the Zoom call, contact Joe Jennison, CDG Director, at (319) 210-9935 or through email at [email protected]


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