Gazebo decorated for the holidays

A volunteer CDG committee made up of representatives from Bridge Community Bank, Hills Bank and Mount Vernon Bank & Trust spent Monday, Dec. 4, creating a new photo opportunity in Mount Vernon.

The Memorial Park gazebo, 311 1st St. NW, has been decorated with greenery, ribbons, a holiday tree and two beautiful boxes wrapped like presents. The volunteer team worked with the City of Mount Vernon and Ace Hardware to complete the photo opportunity, and is inviting the community to check out the space throughout December.

“Our original idea was to create an inviting space for people to come and sing carols,” said Joe Jennison, Director of Main Street and Marketing for the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group. “It sort of morphed into an actual do-it-yourself holiday party with carol books in one of the boxes and ornaments in another. We invite everyone to come help us continue the decorating process and sing some carols in the space throughout the holidays.”

The two wooden boxes at the base of the tree were actually custom-built by local woodworker Luke Krall. Although they look like presents, they are actually storage boxes with ornaments in one and holiday singalong books in the other. The group hopes this new photo opportunity will become a new Mount Vernon-Lisbon holiday tradition.

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