Grow Here

A special project team assembled by the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG) created this Market Analysis Study in 2014. The original study was updated in 2017.

The CDG project team, with the assistance of Iowa Economic Development Authority, conducted theses studies to ascertain primary demographic data and a set of complementary secondary data through business and customer surveys.  The data was used to develop an action plan for business development and marketing strategies in Mount Vernon and Lisbon.

“This study is the culmination of a tremendous volume of volunteerism by two subcommittees of the CDG Business Improvement Committee,” said Deb Herrmann, Committee Chair. “We are excited to show the results of both projects.   The videos showcase what we already know, that this is a wonderful, vibrant place to live, work, shop and visit.  With the market study information in hand, we hope to partner with the city leadership to build a cohesive future direction for the communities in an economic sense that reflects input from current customers and businesses.”

Anyone interested in starting a business in Mount Vernon or Lisbon may find the following documents helpful: