Mount Vernon History Tours available via link, phone

The final phase of the Mount Vernon History Tours is now available to the public. The project was designed and brought to life by three entities; the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group, the Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission, and Cornell College. The intent of the tour is to showcase historic properties that exist in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and of course highlight the history of the city. There are three tours available total, with thirty-one total locations available to be explored.

Access the tour via phone at (319) 535-2301

Access the tour via link here:

The available tours are listed below:

  • Commercial District: Curated by the Mount Vernon/Lisbon Community Development Group. 
    • Wolfe-Ellison Block, 101-103 1st St. NE
    • E.D. Waln Building, 101-103 1st Street NW
    • W.E. Platner Hardware Store and Tin Shop, 100 1st St. SW
    • Charles Kepler Building, 104 1st St. SW
    • Old Post Office Building, 105 1st St. NW
    • Mount Vernon Bank Building, 107 1st St. NW
    • Smith-Hogle Building, 109 1st St. NW
    • H.A. Collins Bank/Brackett Building, 113 1st St. NW
    • Third Wolfe Brothers Building, 115-117 1st St. NW
    • Kopf Brothers Building, 110 1st St. SW
    • Odd Fellows Block, 124 1st St, SW
    • Henry Albright- Dr. F.F. Ebersole House, 224 1st St. SW
    • Office of Drs. Wolfe, 311 1st St. NW
  • Cornell College: – Curated by Hannah Robertson ’18, and Brad Kane ’18 under the direction of Professor Catherine Stewart, History Department.
    • Old Sem
    • College Hall
    • Norton Geology/Carnegie Library
    • Brackett House
    • The Van Etten-Lacey House
    • South Hall
    • BACO House
    • William Fletcher King Memorial Chapel
    • Bowman-Carter Hall
    • McWethy Hall
    • Garner President’s House
  • Ash Park: – Curated by Dani Grandinetti ’21 under the direction of Professor Catherine Stewart in collaboration with the Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission, and with generous assistance from past and present owners of these historic homes.
    • 617 7th Ave NW
    • 616 7th Ave NW
    • 703 6th Ave NW
    • 717 6th Ave NW
    • 724 5th Ave NW
    • 525 6th St NW
    • 603 6th St NW

For more information and to access the available historic tours, click here.

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