SWCD Tree Fundraiser online

The Linn Soil and Water Conservation District’s (Linn SWCD) tree fundraiser is online for first time this year, and organizers hope that the easy access to the public will help many replant following last year’s devastating derecho.

“We’re the first conservation district in the state to move our annual tree sale fundraiser online,” Linn
SWCD Commissioner Alan Horak said. “Replanting trees and education projects in Linn County are more
important than ever. With the pandemic and the tree loss from the derecho, we know that this year it is
vital to use online resources to get good quality, well adapted, healthy trees safely to more people.”

Trees and shrubs can be ordered at www.linnswcd.com, and pickup will be in April. Bundles of five
small trees are sold for $20. Potted trees are $75 to $100 each depending on size and species.

“As we replant, it’s extremely important to plant species that are native to the area,” Horak explains.
“Native species provide better habitat and food for native animals and pollinators, and every tree sold in
our fundraiser fits that criteria.”

The bundles of small trees are intended for landowners planting windbreaks, and the potted trees are
older, larger, and ready to start providing shade in the next few years.

Proceeds will be used to educate about good urban and rural soil and water conservation practices, field
day sponsorship, future workshops, and scholarship opportunities to those pursuing careers in
conservation or agriculture and much more. Email Mary Hepker at [email protected] with
additional questions or go to www.linnswcd.com.

The Linn Soil and Water Conservation District (Linn SWCD) is a legal subdivision of the State of Iowa that promotes sustainable agricultural practices to protect the land and water in Linn County, Iowa.

We are on a mission to promote environmental stewardship, good land and water management and conservation
practices on both rural and urban landscapes through leadership, service, and community education and involvement.

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