BE Lisbon grant program announced

The City of Lisbon and the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG), a Main Street Iowa organization, today announced a new grant program for Lisbon-based businesses.

Called Business Enhancement (BE) Lisbon, the grant competition has been modeled after the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) Open 4 Business grant competition. The City of Lisbon is offering one $5,000 grant to one business, which in turn must provide a 25% cash match.

Similar to the Open4Business grant, the BE Lisbon grant winner will be chosen by a group of judges and based on an application and live or taped business project pitch.

“This is a great opportunity for a Lisbon-based business owner to get serious about that humungous idea they’ve had to grow their business,” said BE Lisbon Volunteer Chair Barb Ihde. “It seems like a great time to try something new and help businesses get a kick-start to bring their ideas in to fruition.”

Grant applications are available through Lisbon City Hall and must be filled out and received back to Lisbon City Hall by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Questions can be directed to Connie Meier at (319) 455-2459 or Barb Ihde at (319) 440-1520.

The grant application is posted here:

The contest rules are posted here:

The judges criteria is listed here:

A marketing flyer is posted here:



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