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By signing up for the CIC (using the form below) and supporting the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Charitable Development Group (CCDG), you are making a commitment to Mount Vernon and Lisbon.

The CCDG is the fundraising arm of the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG).

Our Mission

The mission of the CCDG is “to advance the economic, cultural, artistic and recreational vitality of the Mount Vernon and Lisbon communities and to support the activities of the CDG in projects that enhance the quality of life in our communities.”

Some of What We Do

CCDG is the group that is responsible for $2,000 in scholarships for Mount Vernon and Lisbon seniors every year. CCDG is also responsible for funding and/or supplementing the budgets of 14 annual MV-L festivals and events every year.

Over the years this organization has helped raise money for large City projects such as the Lester Buresh Family Wellness Center, and City cleanup projects in both Mount Vernon and Lisbon such as derecho relief.

And we are glad to have you take part in this important nonprofit work.

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The staff and board of the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG)

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