Featured MV-L Business: Blooming Acres

Featured Business of the Day

Blooming Acres, 221 1st St. NE, Mount Vernon

Owner:                               Becka Owen 

Hours:                                Tuesday thru Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                                            Curbside pickup and delivery only

                                             Scheduling appointments for both inside and outside of regular hours

 Contact:                            (319) 895-6077, store


                                            facebook.com/blooming acres

Online sales:                     Online sales available through bloomingacresmv.com

                                            Almost everything in the store is posted on the website for pickup or local delivery

Safety:                                Employees wear facemasks

                                            Customers must wear facemasks when inside

                                            Hand sanitizer (inside front door) must be used when entering and exiting

                                            Allow only one customer in at a time

Note:                                   Store has several sewing stations as part of classroom setup, and, as such has been                                                       making masks in local school colors

Quote:                                 “We have been making and selling a ton of masks, can’t keep up.”

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