Photos from Shop Small Every Day Campaign

Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group board members and volunteers have been out and about the month of December handing Community Cash gift certificates to MV-L shoppers caught in the act of shopping local.

Here are a few of those photos:

Board member Mary Evans caught Casey Meyer at Elite Fitness in Lisbon; and Allison Schnoor and her daughters shopping local at Gary’s Foods. Both groups won a $25 Community Cash and a T-shirt for continuing to Shop Local Every Day. Thanks Casey Meyer and Schnoor family!





Kate Rose caught Judy Furry from Mechanicsville, and her granddaughter, shopping small at Right Frame of Mind. They now have a cool new T-shirt and $25 more to spend this holiday season.






Later, she found Cheryl Sheets, from Cedar Rapids, shopping small in Perfect Blend. Thanks for Shopping Small Every Day, Cheryl!







Boardmember Casey Krall found shopper Deb George of Mount Vernon on the street in front of Mount Vernon Creates carrying a just-purchased Christmas present wrapped and ready to go.  Yahoo!  For her loyalty to MV and L’s small business community, Deb received a T-shirt and a $25 gift certificate good only in MV or L.  Deb plans to give the Community Cash gift certificate to her daughter. Thanks for sharing the Shop Small love, Deb!





Myrt Bowers is seen here with Becka from Blooming Acres (right) as Cindy Pospisil from Mount Vernon (left) is awarded $25 Community Cash and a free T-shirt. Thanks for shopping small!





Later, Myrt wandered over to Kae Apothecary and found Madison Gritton (center) shopping small in her own neighborhood.  Madison earned $25 and a free T-shirt. She is pictured here with Board Member Myrt Bowers (right) and Kae Apothecary founder Andrea Gorsh (left). Yep it pays to Shop Small!






Casey Krall ran into Kirsta Scranton from Cedar Rapids at Kae Apothecary. You never know where our CDG Shop Small elves will show up. Thanks for shopping small, Kirsta!






Boardmember Michelle Zaruba ran into Brooke Franks at Silver Spider on Friday the 13th. This turned out to be a lucky day for Brooke who received a $25 Community Cash gift certificate and a free Shop Small Every Day T-shirt. Good for you, Brooke!  It pays to Shop Small in Mount Vernon and Lisbon!




Boardmember Rich Herrmann found Seth Bartlett and son Jeremiah shopping small at Mount Vernon Ace Hardware on Saturday, Dec. 14. Thanks for your support Seth and Jeremiah! Here is a T-shirt and a $25 gift certificate for shopping small.




Boardmember John Brehm stopped into The Local and found Kristie McKibben of Marengo and Sondra Gates of Newhall — sure enough — shopping small! Thanks ladies, have a T-shirt and a $25 Community Cash gift certificate as a thank you for coming to MV-L. Yahoo!






Boardmember Rich Herrmann wanted to continue to share the Shop Small love and found Mary Marek from Hills, Iowa (seated) and her family visiting from Florida, shopping small at our very own Bauman’s in Uptown Mount Vernon. What a beautiful family! Remember the family that Shops Small, wins a T-shirt and a $25 gift certificate, ya’all!


Boardmember Michelle Zaruba had so much fun, she went out again on Friday, Dec. 20 and found our very own Becky Danielson from Mount Vernon shopping small at PollyAnn’s Vintage Market. Thanks for shopping small Becky! Enjoy your T-shirt and use your $25 community cash gift certificate to buy more from our very own PollyAnn’s Vintage Market.





Amy Haney ran into Perry Grigsby having  lunch  at  Addy’s in Lisbon on Saturday, Dec. 21.  Looks like Perry picked the right place to grab a bite on Saturday. His choice won him a $25 community cash gift certificate good for any business in MV or L, and a cool new T-shirt to impress his family this holiday. Thanks for shopping small, Perry!   Ho! Ho! Ho! 





Boardmember James Richards (right) found twins John and Charlie Engelbrecht doing some last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve at Bauman’s. Their last-minute local shopping spree proved to be lucky. John and Charlie won a $25 gift certificate and a T-shirt for shopping small. Thanks for shopping small, gents!





Jennifer Casconi from Mechanicsville stopped into Gary’s late on Dec. 26. Two CDG boardmembers caught her shopping small, and as a result, Jennifer walked out of Gary’s not only with her weekly groceries but with a $25 gift certificate and a new Shop Small Every Day T-shirt. Pictured Jennifer (right) and CDG Boardmember Lisa Lansing (left). Photo by John Brehm.





Sandra Fleckenstein was caught shopping small on Friday, Dec. 27. Spotted by CDG Liaison (and City Councilmember) Stephanie West, at Scarlett Boutique, in Mount Vernon, Sandra won herself a $25 Community Cash gift certificate and a way-cool Shop Small Every Day T-shirt.  Yahoo!

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