Who is open on Main Street?

Hi everyone.

Joe J here. I called or stopped into every Main Street business this week and this is what I learned: several are open in some sort of limited capacity. The following list is by no means complete and I will update this as the situation unfolds. If you and/or your business is not listed, please call or email and I will get you added. Most of our restaurants are offering carry out or to go for now. Please stop by, pick up or call for delivery if available.

(Note: Situation changes daily, check direct with businesses by phone or Facebook)


Ace Hardware, will stay open as long as possible, 319-895-8183

Addy’s Public House, trying to stay open from noon to 7 p.m. for carry out only as long as possible, 319-408-1096

Angel’s Nest/Hands in Harmony, closed until further notice, 319-895-6697

Bauman’s, staying open as long as they can, offering free local delivery, free shipping, curbside pickup, 319-895-8692

Ben & Flo’s, Marty is working from home, call for service, 303-915-1481

Big’s BBQ Brewpub, will remain open for to go, carry out and delivery, 319-535-1060

Blooming Acres, open for limited hours through Sunday March 22, 319-895-6077

Edward Jones, Mark is working out of the office via phone, 319-895-8601

First Street Community Center, theater, fitness center, Transformation Fitness all closed. Blooming Acres, Helios Stitches and Stuff and Schoolhouse Antiques offering limited hours through Sunday, March 22.

Fuel, closed until further notice, Tommie is planning to ship, sell or deliver beans in town. Contact her through Instagram or Facebook.

Gwen’s Restaurant, open for to-go only for limited days from 5 to 8 p.m. until further notice, 319-455-2873

Helios Stitches N Stuff, open limited hours through Sunday, March 22, 319-512-3323

Iowa Physical Therapy, as of now, staying open for appointments, check in via phone for latest info, 319-895-4085

Iron Leaf Press, taking situation day by day, Facebook or Instagram for most up-to-date info, Danielle is shipping orders online. ironleafpress.com  Free shipping using the code WASHYOURHANDS, 319-455-6113

Kae Apothecary, staying open regular hours as long as possible, also offering delivery and curbside pickup, 319-800-9288 

Kluver Chiropractic, taking it one day at a time, want to be here for customers and emergencies, 319-895-6789

Lee’s Town & Country, Molly is working from home for the most part but will be in and out of the office, but is available via phone or email, 319-895-8413

Lincoln Wine Bar, limited hours (5-8 p.m. or so) and carry out only for now, 319-895-9463

Lisbon Insurance Agency, remains open but are attempting to reduce lobby traffic flow, prefer working by phone but can meet by appointment, 319-455-2271

The Local Crumb, Aaron is still baking and will be doing limited deliveries in town, 515-490-5656

The Local/Glyn Mawr Winery, trying to remain open with shorter hours (Tuesday-Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m.), offering discounted packaged food items and bottle sales, 319-210-4401

Locksmith Salon, closed to the public till further notice, 319-895-6631

Meridith Hoffman Realtor, working from home, 319-350-5308

Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Co., will stay open regular hours as long as possible, ebanking and drive through will remain in regular operation, 319-895-8835

Mount Vernon Chiropractic, open for service until further notice, check for latest via phone, 319-895-6234

Mount Vernon Creates, will be open temporarily as long as is possible, gift cards are being sold online, 319-895-2682

Mount Vernon Family Dentistry, available for questions via cell phone, emergencies; special cases will be considered as needed, 319-895-6490

Mount Vernon Hair Co, closed until further notice.

Mount Vernon Insurance, most of MVI’s business is done over phone, 319-895-6931

Mount Vernon Pharmacy, offering regular hours for now, 319-895-6248

Mount Vernon Post Office, business as usual until further notice, 319-895-6123

Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun, planning to close the office but will not halt service, 319-895-6216

NightShift, business as usual for the time being, working at night mostly, available for commercial cleaning/sterilization, 319-551-4252

One Mission Fundraising, business is operating online only, with scheduled pickup is available

Palisades Café, limited hours, to go and carry out only, 319-895-4041

Perfect Blend, Ann is in sporadically working with the door closed, call for shortbread, 319-329-9859

Pizza Palace, will plan to offer pick up and delivery as long as possible, 319-895-6971

Polly Ann’s, plan to stay open through Sunday, March 22; will re-evaluate weekly, will consider appointment shopping, 319-895-8004

Right Frame of Mind, closed until further notice

Scarlett Boutique, will stay open as long as possible to offer painting supplies for stay-at-home projects, 319-895-0500

Schoolhouse Antiques, limited hours through Sunday, March 22.

Scorz, reduced hours, offering to-go and carry out only, 319-895-8453

Shear Image, closed until further notice, 319-721-4177

Shear Madness, taking private clients on an as-needed basis, 319-455-3200

Silver Spider, will try to be open at least three hours a day, as long as is possible, 319-895-9977

Sing-Along Bar & Grill, closed until further notice

Skillet Café, carry out or to go only with reduced breakfast hours, 319-895-8540

Squiers Studio, back in office as of Tuesday, March 24 working limited hours, 319-899-6118

The Sweet Factory, closed until further notice, 319-895-8834

Vintage 1891, limited hours by appointment, 319-325-6233

Whitey’s, open for now, offering carry-out and to go from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., 319-455-3191

Whimsey and Wonder, open daily for now, 319-481-0568

Yock’s Landing, closed until further notice, 319-895-6160

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