The Mount Vernon – Lisbon Community Development Group

The mission of the Community Development Group is this:

“To develop and promote our business environment, including but not limited to our Main Street District, and enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.” 

The vision of the Community Development Group is this:

“Mount Vernon and Lisbon is known as the ultimate Iowa community filled with history, charm, excitement, hospitality and creativity. Our downtown districts are meeting places, connecting the communities visually, socially, culturally, economically and emotionally.

The natural landscape, historic architecture and streetscapes invite pedestrians into appealing business districts that serve the practical needs of residents and tourists. Increased traffic improve sales, encourage more business activity and provide greater opportunities for success.

Community members and volunteers have the tools and training to increase the economic and social viability of city centers. Entrepreneurs can see a path to success by investing here.

Lisbon and Mount Vernon are vibrant, pedestrian friendly towns with successful businesses that residents are proud of and returning visitors share with their friends.”

The CDG is an umbrella organization that encompasses Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Marketing and Tourism activities and projects.  In addition, the CDG is involved in the Mount Vernon Main Street Iowa program, developed by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Please consider making a donation to the CDG by conveniently using PayPal, the world’s safest and easiest payment method!  Donations are used for improvement grants to our businesses, community projects, promotions, advertising, retail and holiday events, Main Street education and training, and much more.  Thank you!!

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2016-2017 MVL CDG BoardInvestment InfoMount Vernon Streetscape PlanCDG Design Standards
Joe Jennison            Main Street & Marketing Director
Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group
PO Box 31
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
319-210-9935, Cell
Andrzej Blacharsky Self Employed
Rich Herrmann Evergreen Packaging
Brenda Langenberg Hills Bank
Lisa Lansing Lynch Ford
Mark Binsfield Edward D. Jones
John Brehm Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Co.
Michelle Zaruba Hills Bank
Andrea Gorsh Kae Apothecary
Barb Ihde Retired
Rich Herrmann PRESIDENT 
Brenda Langenberg VICE PRESIDENT
Mark Binsfield SECRETARY
Barb Ihde Chair
John Bardsley Vice Chair 
Amy Haney Chair
Brenda Langenberg Vice Chair 
Lisa Lansing Chair 
Rich Herrmann Vice Chair 
Casey Krall Chair 
John Brehm Vice Chair 
Scott Rose City of Mount Vernon 
John Bardsley  City of Lisbon

Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group – Investment Information

Mark Benesh Painting of Lisbon

The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG), is an umbrella organization of which Main Street Mount Vernon is a large component.  Businesses and individuals will not be asked for dues, as the CDG does not have members. The Main Street approach is for all businesses to be included in listings and promotions.

Five entities merged in 2008 to form CDG — the Chamber of Commerce, Marketing & Tourism Association, both Lisbon and Mount Vernon Economic Development Corporations, and Vision Mount Vernon.  However, CDG is a public-private partnership and cannot be successful without support from the community, especially our business community.

Since there are no longer dues structures, the money you invest in Community Development and Main Street is vital to the health and success of our communities.  If you were a member of the Chamber of Commerce and/or the Marketing & Tourism Association in the past, this investment drive replaces the dues structures offered by those organizations.

2010-2011 Community Development Group Annual Report

The annual report explains why this is important, and asks for your investment at one of the following levels:

Friend – $50+
Supporter – $120+
Believer – $240+
Partner – $500+
Pacesetter – $1,000+
Visionary – $2,500+

Major Supporter – $4,500+

Chief Supporter – $50,000+

Please consider investing in downtown revitalization, business development, cultural events, retail promotions and physical improvements.  Be a part of good things to come!  If you’d rather donate on-line, please use our convenient link to PayPal, the world’s safest and easiest payment method:

2010 STREETSCAPE DESIGN PROJECT – web site and information

Mount Vernon’s Main Street Program in partnership with the city have revived the streetscape design process by commissioning Shoemaker & Haaland to work with the Community Development Group (CDG steering committee) on designing improvements for an expanded project area.  The Steering Committee is composed of city staff, city council members, CDG members, business community members, Cornell College representatives and citizens-at-large.

Shoemaker & Haaland will utilize a series of Steering Committee Workshops to gather input for designing concepts for streetscape improvements throughout the area.  Developmental Drawings will provide additional detail for 3 or 4 high priority project areas.  This process is scheduled to be completed by late 2010.  The results will include a public presentation of design ideas, anticipated costs and implementation strategies.

For a complete look at this project, including presentation material and progress status, please follow the link below:

Mount Vernon Streetscape Design and Planning Project – web site and information

2012 Community Development Graphic Design Standards

Please use the link below to review graphic design elements when marketing, promoting, advertising or communicating on behalf of the Community Development Group and Mount Vernon Main Street.

2012 Community Development Group Graphic Design Standards